Man fucks bitch and cums inside

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DaddyBreeds - 172 days ago
What a good girl. Fully submitted and fertile for repeated breeding
ThisIsChris - 194 days ago
Love how he grabbed the tail.
Knottysmegma - 236 days ago
When I was like about 14 years (I'am from Spain) and lived until 17 to the country side whit my family and my brother.We had a boxer male dog in our yard like our family pet.One day when I came out from school I saw a stray unknown medium size dog playing with our boxer and after I entered in the house and tell my mom about it and left my school rucksack I came out and our boxer was knotted with the stray dog bitch.After they untied I saw the bitch vulva and it was all swollen and pulsating and I had a had very painful erection since I was uncircumcised (only made it with 21 and don't know why,I was perfectly fine with a uncircumcised dick) and when my dad came home from work (the stray bitch was still in our yard) I tell him to keep her beside our boxer since thy are friends and she has no home. My dad immediately accepted but my my mom was like ehhh.The stray bitch was very friendly (since it was in heat) and my mom tell us ( my 9 years old brother and I to go and feed the Ricky (the boxer) and the stray bitch.I keep the stray bitch (,after a few days we called her Laika) away fro Ricky because allbhe wanted is to mount her.I tell my brother to stay with Ricky while I go with Laika in the barn so I could feed her in peace and once I got in the barn my uncircumcised dick was all dripping precum and I was hard as a iron bar. After she eated all the food (I was behind her all the time watching hear huge vulva and it was pulsating from time to time) I can't take it any more (I had the felling a was cumming,like a very strong tickling/pain) and I unzipped my pants letting out a very red swollen uncircumcised dick.The moment I touched her vulva with my dick it started to pulsate and after a couple of trusts I was completely inside her It was pulsating her anus very strong and fast and I could fell how she squeezed her vulva around my penis and can't resisted anymore,in like 40 second after being inside her I was filling her with sperm.I cantl tell it was one of the best felling I had in my life until now ( I am 37) no human female can make me fell like that until now. After all this I was penetrating and cum in her the next week and half because my dad took her in the city 12km from our town to a veterinary and didn't know anything about her ever.Since then I wasn't able to fuck another dog bitch because I was to busy with the fucking boring life of study and after that work.All this is no bullshit and it was true and now with 37 years old I look to own my personal dog bitch since everything it's going much better for me like it was some 5 years ago.True story and I can tell you for sure (I had some women's in my life) nothing can compare with a stray dog vulva in heat,they are so warm that you couldn't last more than a minute and all that minute with very few pumps and humps,trust me.
Francais67 - 247 days ago
Que sa me manque cette sensation, se plaisir. Je donnerai tellement pour avoir à nouveau l'occasion. J'espère que j'aurai bientôt à nouveau une opportunité. Merci pour ta vidéo. Profite en autant que tu le peux