Orgullo Zoosexual

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anondragon - 6 days ago
I just wish people actually made love to them more than seeing them as sex toys. I wish people didn't hurt/harm then in any way possible. Please, love and respect all my dear faunae siblings, and protect nature in general

When you fuck them animal buddies hard, frenzy, and ultra horny, please make love to nature in general as well through them, and to the spirit within them and within everything that we also share

Also, contemplate their beauty. Not only the beauty of their amazing genitals, but also the work of art their whole body is. And besides that, their beauty of spirit and their essence

Oh, zoophile siblings. Please make love to faunae with consciousness and respect to spirit. Masturbate them with tenderness and affection, fuck them with a heart burning of love. But also, know them. If you don't communicate or understand them well, you are pretty much sinning in lack of consent

That is all this old wise horny dragon in a human's body has to say. God bless you all with love♥